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FAQ Sunset Party Agenzia Lignano

Q. Can I take part in the party?
A. Of course, ALL of Agenzia Lignano's guests are welcome.

Q. How should I dress?
A. There are no rules! You're on holiday...wear whatever you feel comfortable in. The party's an occasion to meet other guests in an informal atmosphere.

Q. Is there a charge to take part?
A. No, It's absolutely FREE for agency guests.

Q. What time does the party take place?
A. Between 6 and 8p.m

Q. Where is it held?
A. In the garden, infront of the agency-Corso dei Continenti N.1 Lignano Pineta

Q. Can I bring along some friends?
A. The parties are reserved for the agency's guests, however if you want to bring along a few friends they'll be welcome.

Q. can I bring my dog?
A. certainly, as long as he doesn't foul the grass or disturb other guests.

Q. do I have to bring anything?
A. No, just yourself and the desire to have a good time!

Q. What's offered during the party?
A. We usually offer a selection of typical friulan products, an excellent San Martino di Colle Umberto Prosecco, Lambrusco from Sorbara and a choice of soft drinks. Luigi Lacchin “the voice of Lignano” will entertain you with live music throughout the evening.

Q. Can I dance at the party?
A. Yes, you can dance, listen to music, chat with other guests and above all...relax and have a good time!

Q. What can't I do?
A. With your co-operation our team will create a relaxed atmosphere which would naturally be spoilt by excessive drinking or disrespectful behaviour.

Q. Who is Luigi Lacchin?
A. Besides being the owner of Agenzia Lignano, he's been entertaining people in Lignano since 1963. You can listen to his Cds by clicking here: CD2005 ,CD 2006, CD 2007, CD 2008, CD 2009, CD 2010 and CD 2011.

Q. How can I book accomodation with Agenzia Lignano?
A. By calling 0431-428000, by faxing 0431-428286 or directly online, by clicking here!


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