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F.A.Q regarding Agenzia Lignano and services offered

What’s included in the summer rental price?
The price includes (per apartment – not per person) electricity, water, taxes, cleaning on the departure day and agency commission

What’s included in the winter rental price?
The price includes (per apartment – not per person) water, taxes, cleaning on the departure day and agency commission. Heating and electricity will be charged extra according to comsuption.

How can I book my accomodation with Agenzia Lignano?
Directly online, by clicking here, by calling +39-0431-428000 or by faxing +39-0431-428286

Will I have to pay a deposit?...How much?
Yes, a deposit the equivalent of 30% of the agreed rental price is required to secure the booking.

When do I have to pay the deposit?
Within 3 days of making the booking

How can I pay the deposit?
By credit card (Visa/Master) or cash

How do I pay the deposit?
You can pay the deposit either through preauthorisation on your credit card or cash. The preauthorised amount will be released after having checked the accomodation on the day of your departure.

Do I have to pay the visitor's tax?
From May, 1st to September, 30th all guests from 12 years onwards have to pay € 0,50 per night up to a max. of 10 nights. This amount has to be paid cash on the day of your arrival.

Do I have to transmit in advance the details of the guests, who occupy the lodging?
We kindly ask you to fill in the online form, for which we'll send you a link after we have received the payment of the deposit. By doing so, on the day of your arrival, we can speed up the formalities concerning the handing over of the keys of the apartment.

What time can I pick up the apartment keys on the day of arrival?
Between 16.00 and 19.00 hrs on the day of arrival (unless alternative arrangements have been made)

Can I arrive in the morning?
If you prefer travelling by night, by all means pass by the agency in the morning so we can go through all the formalities (documents, information, payment). If you are lucky enough to find your accomodation clean and ready for occupation, we'll give you the keys straight away. If it's not ready we'll call you on your mobile as soon as it is. We suggest you pack a bag apart with swimming costumes, beach towels and sun creams so you can go to the beach straight away and take full advantage of the first day of your holiday.

Where do I pick up the keys to my accomodation?
At the head office of our agency
Agenzia Lignano
Corso dei Continenti n. 1

By what time do I have to hand back the keys on the day of departure?
By 10 a.m

When do I have to pay the balance on the accomodation?
On arrival, by credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD) or cash. At the same time you will be expected to register your passport, hand in the contract (with the names, addresses and dates of birth of all persons occupying the rented accomodation) together with the attached “notification form”.

How will I find my accomodation when I arrive?
On arrival, together with the keys, you'll be given a map of Lignano and indications on the shortest route to get to your apartment.

Are pets allowed?
Pets are allowed in some of our accomodation upon prior agreement with our staff.Some of our gardens have been fenced in and are particulary suitable for pets.

Do I have to leave a deposit against breakages or damage to the property?
On arrival ,a deposit of €150.00/apartment must be paid as a guarantee of good upkeep of the property. The deposit will be refunded on the day of departure after the accomodation has been checked by a member of our staff. For groups, terms and conditions differ from the above, see Group terms and conditions.

Will I find my accomodation clean and tidy on arrival?
Yes, when we hand over the keys your apartment will be clean and tidy. If you should have any complaints to make please contact our agency immediatly. (Corso dei Continenti n.1 LIGNANO PINETA)

Will I find pots, plates, cutlery and glasses in the accomodation?
Yes, all accomodation is furnished and supplied with pots, plates and cutlery in proportion to the number of beds provided. For hygiene reasons you won't find wooden spoons, tea towels, sponges or detergents

Will I find bed linen, towels and a tablecloth?
No,we don't supply the above, however you can hire sheets and towels:
Set of sheets for double bed €1.00/day
Set of sheets for single bed €1.00/day
3 towel set €1.00/day
There's no need to book, just ask on arrival.

What's included in the price?
The price (per apartment-not per person) includes electricity, water, gas, taxes, final cleaning on day of departure and agency commission. Heating is not included in the price.

How should I leave the accomodation at the end of my stay?
On the day of departure the client should leave the accomodation free of rubbish. The floors, bathroom and kitchen should be clean, the fridge switched off, empty and open. All kitchen utensils and dishes washed otherwise the deposit will be withheld. Damages caused to the property will be paid for by the client. We hope our guests will not be offended by these stipulations, unfortunatly negative experiences in the past obilge us to put them in writing.

Is beach material included in the price?
No, it isn't. However,you can book directly through the beach offices:

Lignano Pineta:
Head office 0431-422143 (open all year)
beach office n° 1: 0431-422719
beach office n° 2: 0431-422245
beach office n° 3: 0431-422857
beach office n° 4: 0431- 422260
beach office n° 5: 0431-422864
beach office n° 6: 0431-422188
beach office n° 7: 0431- 422865
Lignano Riviera:
Head office 0431-424411 (open all year)
beach office n° 1: 0431-424441
beach office n° 2: 0431-424442
beach office n° 3: 0431-424443
beach office n° 4: 0431-424444
beach office n° 5: 0431-424445
beach office n° 6: 0431-424446/424430

Upon request, we can pay your deposit to the beach office of your choice on your behalf, the deposit must then be paid to our agency together with your booking deposit. When you are booking your beach umbrella dont forget to give the name of agenzia Lignano ,as well as your surname, it will speed up the final payment at the beach office. As soon as you've made your booking, let us know beach office no. and umbrella no. as soon as possible.

Is the accomodation viewed on your website available for booking?
Yes, it is. However the booking only becomes binding for the client and The Agency after a deposit has been paid.

Is there a tv in the accomodation?
There are tvs in the majority of our villas and apartments, if there is no tv in the your accommodation we can arrange the hire of one to be paid for by the guest. Contact us to book a tv

Is there air- conditioning in the accomodation?
Yes, in the majority. Our air/con systems are on timers with a restart switch.

Do you apply the data protection act?
Yes, you can read infomation on the data protection act no.196 30 June 2003