Agenzia Lignano

Your Best Holidays!

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Party time at Agenzia Lignano! Do you have a special talent you'd like to share ?

Can you sing or dance? Would you like to share your talent with us? Do you want to exhibit your work? Your handicrafts (paintings, photos, sculptures, books)? All this is possible during our “Sunset Parties”

How about considering a co-marketing venture with us?

Past experiences have proved so positive for ourselves and our partners that we feel confident in encouraging others to become a part of this initiative. So, if you want to organize a fashion show or make a presentation of your wines, beers, liquers, salamis,cheeses, perfumes, swimwear, sportswear, flowers, electronic goods, leather articles, antiques, toys, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, sunglasses, boats, surf and windsurf, jewellery...

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