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On the the longest cycle track on the Adriatic coast!

Thanks to a frequent service of modern, ecological ferries, you can visit the beaches, vallies and pinewoods along the Adriatic without ever having to get off your bike! Departing from Lignano, you'll find yourself cycling through pinewoods, along lagoons and rivers until you reach the historical centre of Caorle with its colourful houses and its distinctive venetian happy-go-lucky feel.

Over 40kms of cycle paths in the middle of uncontaminated nature. Lignano is freedom of movement- a family adventure. There are several miles of cycle paths crossing pinewoods, the lagoon and the countryside allowing you to enjoy the abundant wild plants, flowers and animals along the way.There are itineries which allow you to cycle as far as Caorle. It's a unique opportunity to get out and about with the family and at the same time enjoy all the different types of scenery that the area has to offer.