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Lignano weather forecast

  • Station: Lignano Sabbiadoro
  • at: 07:00
  • Sky: poco nuvoloso
  • Temperature: 23.7 °C
  • Humidity: 71 %
  • Pressure: 1008.1 hPA
  • Wind: 10-SW
  • Rain: 0.0 mm
  • Sea temp.: 25.8 °C
On the plains and coasts, clear or slightly cloudy skies with a drier and more pleasant atmosphere than in previous days; during the day breeze from the sea also sustained on the coast. From late evening it worsened with rain then during the night towards Sunday, especially in the west. Rain and some thunderstorms during the night and early morning, especially in the west; in the morning the rain will stop but the sky will remain mostly cloudy throughout the day. Moderate Bora will blow on the coast.
Variability with strong Bora on the coast, moderate in the plains; some local showers or isolated thunderstorms cannot be ruled out in the afternoon. However, fully summer temperatures.
After tomorrow
Variability with the possibility of afternoon showers on the mountains and later some thunderstorms also on the plains and coasts. Temperatures always fully summery.

Sea temperature

Temperature min-max

Atmospheric pressure


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