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These are the real weather conditions in Lignano, forecasts that you see on internet, TV or in the newspapers, don't take care about the microclimate near the coast. Often it happens that there are some showers and thunderstorms inland as expected by good meteorologists but in Lignano and on the coast in general there is a beautiful sunny weather! Don't give up the holidays or a nice trip because of the generalist weather forecast, please see our weather forecast, it is simple and reliable. See you!

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Lignano weather forecast

  • Station: Lignano S.
  • at: 02:00
  • Sky: cloudness
  • Temperature: - °C
  • Humidity: - %
  • Pressure: - hPA
  • Wind: ---
  • Rain: - mm
  • Sea temp.: - °C
Clear sky. It will blow moderate Bora.
Generally clear sky; moderate Bora will blow, more sustained over the Trieste area.
After tomorrow
Generally clear skies over the whole region; moderate Bora will blow over the eastern areas and the coast, a little more sustained over the Trieste area.

Sea temperature

Temperature min-max

Atmospheric pressure