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Do you have a travel agency? Would you be interested in working with us?

Contact us, we'd be happy to start a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

We'll provide:

1. A B2B search engine reserved for our partners which allow them to take out options on our accomodation.
2. B2C Search engines to advertise on your web pages so your clients can independently make their booking requests for accomodation which is actually available in the requested period; your agency will receive the mail with the requested dates and all you have to do is confirm the booking on our B2B System ( and take the deposit;
3. Special rates

For further information and/or explainations:

Responsible for Tour Operator and Travel Agency contracts: Alessandro Lacchin

Agenzia Lignano
Corso dei Continenti n. 1
33054 Lignano Pineta UD

tel. +39 0431-428000
fax +39 0431-428286