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Lignano weather forecast

  • Station: Lignano S.
  • at: 17:00
  • Sky: cloudy
  • Temperature: 16.6 °C
  • Humidity: 61 %
  • Pressure: 17 hPA
  • Wind: NNE-14
  • Rain: 0.0 mm
  • Sea temp.: 293 °C
Usually variable sky with the possibility of some showers, even thunderstorms, but also of bright spells; from the afternoon it is possible to increase the cloudiness up to an overcast sky in the evening with rain and Bora wind.
At night and in the morning it is possible to overcast with moderate to heavy rainfall. Sustained Bora will blow, with strong gusts in Trieste in the early morning, rotating from the north towards Lignano. Phenomena in attenuation from the afternoon. It will definitely be cool.
After tomorrow
Mostly cloudy skies, with some greater cloud cover on the mountains. Slightly rising temperatures.

Sea temperature

Temperature min-max

Atmospheric pressure